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Mother Hubbard's Cupboard operates on the generosity and support of the good people and organizations in Southeastern North Carolina. Food is obtained during quarterly food drives at local grocery stores, through donations from churches, civic groups, and individuals, and with donated funds food is purchased at the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina and local grocery stores.

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard has no paid staff. It operates entirely through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers with a working board of directors whose members personally supervise daily management activities.

Volunteering at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard is an extremely rewarding experience for the Volunteer and helps the needy in our community immeasurably.

  • Work one-on-one to help our Clients.
  • Collect food at local Grocery Stores during quarterly food drives
  • Shop for food and transport purchases
  • Stock shelves
  • Unload food purchases
  • Receive food donations
  • Restock shelves
  • Sort food after Food Drives
  • Pack boxes and bags of groceries

Board of Directors

  • President - Roxann Lansdowne
  • Vice President, Empty Bowls, Shoppers – Jane Radack
  • Past President - Jane Spicer
  • Diabetic Shopping – Jane Nelson
  • Treasury Team – Michelle Pearsal, Steve W. Black
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Jane Harshbarger
  • Volunteer Training – Carol Rosborough, Steve Bucci
  • TEFAP – Dick Chapman, Barney Richards
  • Food Drive, Empty Bowls - Tim Gugan
  • Grants – Rick Zigler, Marie Cooke, Ron Miller
  • At Large - Ron Miller, Mike Allred

You Can Help!

If you would like to volunteer your time at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard or to help with a quarterly food collection, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at /volunteer to learn volunteering details, or call the Cupboard (910-762-2199) and leave a message that tells us that you would like to volunteer and how to contact you. In your email or message, please let us know your Name, Contact Info., and days/hour available to volunteer. Emails will be returned as soon as possible but because MHC is a completely volunteer organization, response time varies. Volunteer slots are filled based on the needs of the cupboard and the availability of the individual volunteer. Volunteers must go through a training session before they begin to log hours.

If you would like to volunteer at the Cupboard to fulfill a Community Service obligation, please also contact our Volunteer Coordinator as discussed above, and make clear in your email or message that you are seeking Community Service Hours. Again, our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you shortly.

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